Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Me, me Monday, Bathroom edition...

Seriously, when we moved into this little cottage our bathroom was interesting to say the very least. I wish I had taken before pictures but I hope you are able to use your imagination when I tell you about our only bathroom (there is a toilet in the laundry room, but thats another blog). It is actually a decent size room but as most of you know back in the 50's, when this house was built, storage space was not the most important thing, so I haven't got a linen closet to speak of. The walls were done like the ones in the dining room were, painted purple with white and burgandy squiggly lines all over them that looked like worms and kind of a western border. UGLY! I am not kidding if I didn't have a vision for this place I would have gone running. We decided the only way to remedy was to do this:
Gut it!
Tear it to the beams!

Here it is after:
From the door going in -
Shower area -
Vanity and storage solution -
I adore my border, it seriously took me a month to find the perfect one -
This mirror is gorgeous -
I think the style of this clock is perfect for this space -
And last but not least my favorite - My Grandma Gibson had these prints framed for me when she was alive, they are very old and she had quite a selection for me to choose from, but when she started telling me how cute she thought this little set was and that it was her favorite I knew that I would think of her and that conversation every time I looked at them and I love and treasure them so much -
Aren't they sweet?

Well, thank you for visiting my little bathroom, I hope you felt as relaxed as I do in here.

Until later,

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Donnie said...

You all did a wonderful job in the bathroom and I love the decor. Those prints are so sweet and perfect for that room. Lovely.