Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Made by Me Monday...

An Oldy but Goody.... While I am blogging about my projects I am also adding to my pinterest account, so I want to put some of my favorite projects up over there so I thought I might as well post them here too. So first for my all time favorite I am going to present my Space Saving Vanity -
Remember it started with this-
Here are a couple of close ups -
To find the directions on how to make this fun vanity, just click over on the side bar under Vanity and you will find it easy peasy! Until later, Hugs, Shelly

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday thank yous....

On September 16, 2012 my Grandpa Linford died at the age of 84. I really wasn't sad, I will miss him, but I wasn't sad. My Grandpa was a big man, a strong man and an honest man. He lived an amazing life. He raised 6 kids who grew up to be awesome people. One of them I am lucky enough to call Dad. He owned a business with his brothers and he had a reputation with his competitors of being absolutely honest in his dealings. He was very active in his church and was very dedicated to his God. He never said no to a church calling or a request for service. Grandpa met the love of his life in highschool and was married to her for 68 years at his death. He considered her needs above all else in his life. He was such a great grandpa, he called me Shelly-belly puddnin pie until the very end. On the Tuesday before he died I went to visit he and grandma and I sang a song to him that I knew he loved. As I have loved you, love one another. He thanked me and told me it was nice, with his weak and raspy voice full of love. I will miss him. My Grandpa had been in so much pain for the last years of his life and he was living a life where people had to help him with everyday activities, this was hard on him. He was always a very proud man. I am so thankful that my Great-Grandma Linford was able to take her youngest son in her arms on that Sunday morning and welcome him home. I am so thankful that my Uncles now have the last of their brothers with them. I am so thankful that my Great-Grandpa Linford finally gets the chance to tell his youngest son how proud he is of him and how much he loves him. I am so thankful that my baby Julia is sitting on her Great-Grandpa Linford's lap getting her tiny knees tickled. Of all these things I am most thankful that my Grandpa is again whole, strong, and pain free. I am honored and thankful to be the Granddaughter of Dale Hodges Linford. I miss you grandpa, until we meet again, I love you.
Until later, Hugs, Shelly

Monday, September 24, 2012

Made By Me Monday...

So I am trying to get here more often, but I guess I should be proud that I am at least here once a week. I will try for more but won't beat myself up if I don't make it. So first things first - Happy House cleaning goals, I am doing pretty good so far, been making my bed and emptying the sink almost every day. It is amazing how fast things fall apart if I miss a day. So this week it is those two plus clearing clutter everyday for ten minutes, I know that will make a difference. Now to share one of my newest projects with you, it is my "H" wall,
It actually grew to be an "H" corner, and I love it!! It really is one of my favorite things in my house! What do you think? Until later, Hugs, Shelly

Monday, September 17, 2012

Made by Me Monday...

So I really am wanting to get back into this blog stuff heavy duty, but my life is sooo busy right now that I am having a heck of a time fitting it in. But I will not give up. So first things first, for the second week of Happy House Rules we are making sure our sink is clear when we go to bed. So we are now 1. Making our beds and 2. Emptying our sinks. Now for the more fun business I am going to try to put something I have done on every Monday, keep me motivated right? So hear is my latest window project
What do you think? I really like it and it was so simple to do, I have a few things that I haven't shared yet so please come back each Monday. I have noticed that I have lost so many followers and how can you blame them I have been on invisibility for so long. But to those of you who have remained Thank you, I promise to keep on trying. Until later, Hugs, Shelly

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall.. a new beginning...

Hello to all my long lost bloggy friends!! It has been soooo long and I have missed you all so much! I haven't been here for way to many reasons to mention in one post but maybe over the next little while we will peel away at that onion one layer at a time. The most important thing tho, is I'm Baaack!! and I am here to stay. I have done quite a few projects, so I have some to share and my mind is full so there will be more!! First and foremost it is time for me to reorganize my life, there is just something about the season of Autumn that makes me want things to be organized, clean and cozy. So to start in that direction I am going to start the Happy Homes Organization plan again! It worked so great the first time that it is time to jump right back on that horse again! My Happy House has such a simple and effective organizing plan that anyone can do it, and with my hectic life that is exactly what I need. So who's going to do it with me? Come on lets all get ready for a cozy fall and an organized holiday season! Week one: Make your bed every morning, or evening, just make it- everyday. Easy peasy, right? Its amazing how much better you feel to climb into a nice warm MADE bed every night!
Look how comfy that looks, I can't wait! Well lets see if we can do it for the entire week! Until later, Hugs, Shelly

Monday, March 5, 2012

Awesome giveaway going on over at...

A Little Tipsy
I am not kidding you have to check this out!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So did you ever hear the one...

about the kids from Utah who decided they were going to go to Seattle when Kurt Cobain died to attend his funeral? Well, seriously that was kind of joke on the radio stations around here back when Mr. Cobain passed. Unfortunatly, it really happend and my little brother Ryan was the driver of the group of kids on this little adventure. I have to tell you about my little brother, he is very handsome and amazingly talented in so many ways, I really think he could have been a movie star if he would have persued it. Instead he persued drugs. I am not kidding when I tell you that literally one week before Kurt Cobain died my brother stood at my niece's blessing and bore his testimony. So you can imagine our families shock when he took off on his little excursion. Honestly, the little trip was just the beginning of a long and difficult journey for my baby brother. Drugs really took a liking to him. But this is really a story with a happy ending, my brother is now a college student very close to graduating with a job on the other side of the camera. He does the filming and editing and all that fun stuff. The very best part of my story though is this....

Ryan and his love have been blessed with this little angel. She is so lovely and amazing. The moral of the story is this- no matter where life takes you, you can make changes and when you do you are rewarded with the greatest blessings. I am so unbelievably proud of my little brother. I love his little family so much.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Name blocks...

What a great long weekend! I got so much done and even finished two sets of name blocks.
The first set I did for my little grandie Taylor-
The second set I did for my little grandie Rayden-
I am so happy with how they turned out and they cost me less than $5 to make both sets!

Have a great week!
Until later,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing the makeup station...

So I was minding my own business the other day when I came upon this -
and this, I am so ashamed ;)
Seriously, how can one ever expect to put on a decent face in that mess? So I got to work and found some organizer containers and before you knew it we have this-
and this-
How much better is that? It feels so much better to not have to scrounge through a disaster to try to get pretty!!

Until later,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craft room redo...

I had been working on my Craft room redo for quite awhile and had it just about finsished it when I got some new information...my oldest son and my two year old grandie Rayden were moving home on New Years Day! It is fun to have a little one running around but I do miss the space and my Dining room now looks like hoarders are living in my little cottage! I do have some pictures of some of the things I had done to share though, so I hope you enjoy- This room will again some day be my craft and dressing room, hence the sign on the wall-
I love this little shelf vignette with candles, ribbon and bling! Aren't the glow in the dark moon and stars and the sun mirror fun?!
This wall holds most of my organization stuff- my ribbon organizer, my paper drawers, my sewing machince and my homemade white board and magnet boards-

I loved how this room was evolving and I can't wait to work on it again, but for now I am just going to enjoy my grandie!

Until later,

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pink lamp redo...

While I was in the process of redoing my craft room, which will soon be another post, I decided I needed a little lamp for the room. It had to fit 2 criteria 1. It had to be cheap 2. It had to be adorable.
What do you think?

I started with this -
I spray painted a lamp shade Krylon Ballet Slipper, which I already had. I attached flowers that I made awhile ago and Walla! It is both cheap (paid 2 dollars for the lamp at the DI) and adorable!
Here are some more views -
I really do love it!
Until later,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012!...

I have come to realize that my favorite holiday, next to Easter of course, is New Years Day. I really think I like them both for the same reason, they both feel like a time of new beginnings. Things are fresh and new, it is always a great time for starting over. Also, I love, love lists and what better time of year to write 100 lists?!! JK, maybe not 100 but a few or more, we will see!!
First list - New Years Resolutions 2012

1. Be completely prepared for Christmas by December 1, 2012.
2. Lose 10-15 lbs.
3. Be financially responsible.
4. Pay off my three piddly bills. (I know you all know what a piddly bill is!).
5. I will not buy another purse in the entire year of 2012! (Yikes!, that will definitly be the hardest to keep!)
Second list - Wishlist 2012

1. Cricut Create
2. Dress form
3. 3 or 4 family tables
4. Sewing machine fixed or replaced
5. Massage chair attachement

Well today it was two lists but I assure you there will be more!
Until later,