Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lies, Almost Death and Weather!

11. I seriously can tolerate alot, but the one thing I cannot take for any reason at all is lying. Lying causes so much damage! I am most annoyed by those who lie for no reason at all, seriously, do people need that much attention?! I hold myself to a pretty high standard the only time I lie is if the truth will make someone cry like "Yeah your new pixie haircut looks so much better than the beautiful cascade of hair you used to have nearly to your behind" then you have to lie, its just considerate.

12. I almost died every year for 3 years in March. The first time I was 24 weeks pregnant with my third baby when I suddenly got abrupto placentae, I was bleeding internally for quite awhile before I even knew anything was wrong. So to save my life they did an emergency C section and my little girl was stillborn. It was so difficult. Then the same thing happened again exactly 1 year later at 17 weeks pregnant. Needless to say the doctor said no more and tied my tubes. (Sorry if TMI).
So a year later I was helping my then husband unload a huge roll of carpet and it somehow flipped out and hit me in the head and then landed on my head after I had fallen down. It broke my skull and I spent a week in the Intensive Care unit in a coma. When I woke up the doctors told me that I might not walk right or talk right etc., etc.. But I am seriously one of those stubborn types, so if you tell me I can't I most certainly will! After that for quite awhile I was a little afraid of March, I know its silly but with the record as it was I would be very cautious during that month!!

13. I love, love that I live in Utah, I so love the seasons. We are getting ready for a huge blizzard and all though its a bit scary, I am soo excited! I love that we have pretty flowery springs, hot fun summers, beautiful colorful autumns and white fluffy winters! Woo-hoo how lucky are us Utahns!!

I will post pictures of this snow storm as soon as it happens, wish me luck!!

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Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Good grief, child! How many lives do you have?