Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

100 things....

I got this idea from Beverly at her Blog Bervery Buzz, to write 100 things about me that you may or may not know, sounds like alot of fun, who knows I may learn or remember something about me I didn't know too, haha!! This may take a few days so here goes:

1. I am actually enjoying getting older, I am really comfortable in my skin, I am happy with how my life is (always knock on wood), I am getting more wise everyday. So all in all age is not an enemy.

2. I just barely discovered my crafy, seriously I didn't know I had it in me but now I am suprising my self, I especially love to repurpose - I love my plate rack made from my grandbaby Taylor's crib. She loves it too, she thinks it is very funny that it is hanging on the wall in the dining room, haha!

3. I love shopping, right now it is all about my cottage so it is a little pricey, but I can't help it (whine) it is so, so much fun and satisfying!

Okay, 3 is a good start, who knows maybe I will be back later today, if not for sure tommorrow. Check out awesome give aways at Room Remix!!


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Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Glad to be an inspiration. ;-) It took me a couple of hours to complete my list--and my husband helped. His memory is a lot better than mine. I look forward to seeing more of your list!