Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Favorite things Thursday... Giveaway Reminder!!!!

This week I am so excited to share one of my favorite people in the world with you. My cousin Karie! We have been through so much together and sometimes we have gone years without seeing each other and the second we get together its like no time has passed. We have inside jokes that just one word can bring us the ground with laughter! I love, love, love my Cuz!!
Pic isn't great but its the only one I've got and I love it because Karie is in it!

Reminder: AWESOME GIVEAWY I promise it is worth entering!!!

Until later,


Donnie said...

That's so cool to have someone who is so in tune to you. Great smiles.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

You're a lucky girl indeed!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I have a cuz like that too!!! It is the BEST!
THANK YOU so much for the comment today on my blog! I am so excited about the Bringing Pretty Back Project!
Have a PRETTY day!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

There's an award for you on my blog. Hope you'll accept!