Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She is back...Yay!

So my friend Shirley is one of those people that I call my best friend but so does every other friend she has, she is the type of person that would do anyting for anyone. She is 69 years young and raising her 14 year-old deaf grandchild, who can be a little stink but is also adorable. Well about a week ago, Shirley woke up very dizzy and decided to drive herself to the hospital (because none of her best friends would have taken her) when she got there the security guard actually wondered if she was drunk because she was to dizzy to walk. I could kick her little but for driving, rrggg!
Anyway, her blood pressure was through the roof and her heart beat was irregular so they checked her in to run every test they could think of. The main point of this blog is that Shirley knew she needed to see a doctor for a while but was a little bit afraid so she got sick enough that she needed a stay in the hospital. Now she is out of the hospital and has seen the doctor for the original ailments and also others like the knee that has been hurting her for years and I think she is feeling better than ever and no longer afraid to see the doctor. Yay!! I am happy she is doing better and that she is back at work!
Welcome back Shirl!

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