Just he and I and all of them....

Just he and I and all of them...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finance Fresh Start caused by embarrassment...

Okay I swear this happened to me and I am almost embarrassed to admit it but sometimes in desperation you do really embarassing stuff. In January I went online to pay a house payment and because 2 months were due it said it would not take a lessar payment of just one month, so I left the site and called the hubster and asked him to call and make the payment. So guess what!? 2 payments went through, one online and one from the phone call. UGHH, frustrating!!! If I could have afforded 2 payments I would have just made them online to begin with. So here I am struggling to make ends meet and now I have $875 less to pay bills with. Are you kidding me?! So then,and I kid you not, my next payday just two weeks later, after making arrangments with one of those payday loan places (I know, I know this is where the embarrassing desperation comes in) with someone who was very nice and accomodating and after putting a stop payment on all the checks that I had written to that lovely place, they did an automatic withdrawl of $400 without my knowledge or permission (other than the fact that apparently in the fine print of the contract you sign with them you no longer have any control of your checking account any more and they can take money out of it at any time they see fit) so again unable to pay life sustaining bills such as power and gas. So annoyed!! So the only solution I can come up with is to change accounts and start fresh. So the hubster and I sat down and discussed all of this and decided that he and I will only use cash for our personal expenses which include gas for our cars, gifts for the babies etc. So the first expense will be our allowance and then the bills will come. Wish us luck!! I will report weekly with our progress!

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hann said...

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